Job Oriented Courses after 12th
Job Oriented Courses after 12th

Wondering Which Career After 12th Arts is the Best Bet? X-Ray Technician Course is Indeed, the One!

X-Ray technicians are qualified to use X-Ray devices to make images of a patient’s internal organs. Physicians and psychologists use these pictures to help detect diseases and accidents. Under the X-Ray technician course, students are qualified to the standard of competence where they are ready to adhere to the safety requirements surrounding X-Ray devices’ use while at work. To register in this career after 12th for Arts, apply via the registration form available on SV5 Healthcare & Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Features of Our X-Ray Technician Course

The eligibility criteria for a technician is as follows:

Nature: This is a medical qualification course. After completion of the course, one can obtain a certificate from the esteemed college. It’s a work-oriented medical course that seeks to teach you critical X-Ray technological skills. 

Duration: Normal certification duration is 1 year. 

Criteria for registration: The 10th standard accepted by the recognized institution is the minimum criteria required.

Admission Procedure: In our institute, a merit-based admissions test is a precise admission method. We are also pursuing a process of direct entry.

Benefits of the X-Ray Technician Course

Upon completing the program, an entry-level specialist may settle at research laboratories, radiography centers, hospitals/clinics, and medical imaging labs.

The X-Ray specialist’s duties include running the X-Ray unit, directing the patients (stance and procedures), and following the lab supervisor’s orders or boss. The benefits of technician are as follows:

Many alternatives for training 

RTs have a range of teaching opportunities. Radiography programs could lead to a degree, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. Associate degrees are most popular, which means that the training duration is comparatively limited compared to many health-care professions. 

Become an expert

Imaging equipment requires more than mere X-rays. CT scans are a specialty of radiology, and RT may specialize in this field. Mammography is another skill. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is another area for RTs with expertise in radiography. 


Wages and Perks

RTs are most likely to be working in hospitals, a job environment that usually includes decent employment benefits such as sick leave, paid breaks, holidays, and retirement plans. Hospitals are paying well, too. 

Stress and Risk 

It can be challenging to work in medical services. It can be difficult to work with people who are seriously hurt or very sick. In radiology, RTs spend most of the day on their feet and will need to move or switch patients, which may raise the risk of back injuries. While radiation risks are reduced by shielding and other steps, there is still a slight chance of accumulated exposure for those involved in radiology.

In brief, technicians may work in health care (government or private), clinics, and medical imaging laboratories. So, if you are interested in this as a career after 12th for Arts, connect with SV5 Healthcare & Consultant Pvt. Ltd. today!

Firstly, the course mentioned is a ‘certificate’ course. It isn’t a Bachelor’s degree or a Graduation course. It is only a one-year duration course that you can do the best from SV5 Healthcare & Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

X-Ray technicians form an important part of any healthcare team. They receive instrutions from doctors regarding the X-Rays which patients require. They are responsible for getting clear imaging results, which require proper use of the equipment and keeping patients calm as well as informed throughout the X-Ray procedure. Other duties include keeping equipment in good working order, maintaining patient records, and processing the exposed radiographs.

They also use mobile X-Ray equipment to conduct X-Rays in the hospital rooms of patients. They may work in hospitals, medical center‘s radiology department or in emergent rooms. With higher studies and suitable experience, some X-Ray technicians specialize in areas such as computed tomography (CT) scanning, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and mammography.

Course Description

  • Anatomy Physiology & Pathology
  • Radiological Physics
  • Radiographic Imaging
  • Principles of Hospital Clinical Practice
  • Patient Care in Radiology
  • Management of Medical Emergencies
  • Padiographic Technique in Routine Procedures
  • Padiographic Technique in Special Procedures


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Course Features

  • Theory + Practical : 600 Hours
  • Hospital Internship : 1000 Hours
  • Eligibility : 10+2
  • Duration : 1600 Hours/12 Months
  • Certification : VIVO/NSDC
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