There is a lack of healthcare professionals in both urban and rural areas. Rural areas, bear the brunt of the shortage of medical personnel. As a result, it is critical to fill these vacant positions. Is it possible for you to provide Gramin Health Service? If you answered yes, CMSED is the program for you.

Community Medical Service & Essential Drugs (CMSED) is a course meant for a career in medicine. We offer a Diploma in CMSED in Delhi which prepares students to use general allopathic medicines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for primary health care. It offers training by WHO, UNICEF, and Indian government guidelines.

Students who complete a CMSED diploma in North Delhi can pursue a career in medicine without having to go through the rigorous process of earning an M.B.B.S degree. It incorporates lectures on the fundamentals of medicine, demonstrations, and the development of practical skills through health camps, and hospitals.

Its primary aim is to provide basic knowledge of the human body’s structures and physiology. As well as the science of pharmaceuticals and their administration. The program lasts 18 months and is divided into three semesters. The third semester is the internship period, during which students gain hands-on experience. During these six months, they will learn about the operations of hospitals and first-aid treatment centers. Learners will understand and perform important skills such as data analysis and interpretation

The course is open to medical professionals with degrees in BEMS, BHMS, BAMS, and BUMS. The students can also apply in Naturopathy, Alternative Medicines, and Psychology. Once you have completed your Diploma in CMSED in Delhi, you will have a variety of career options. A student can seek a job as a Community Health Worker, Rural Medical Officer, etc.

It is a diploma course that gives you both theoretical and practical knowledge.

We enable people to open their own first aid treatment centers. The course will assist you to grasp the knowledge of human body diseases. The program will not only teach you about medicines but also prepare you to become a certified medicinal professional

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