Get the best Radiology Course after 12th in North Delhi

Choosing a course after the 12th grade is one of the most important and crucial tasks a student has to do.  You need to consider interest, the scope, the salary range, etc. to decide on a suitable course for yourself. There exist numerous courses after the 12th grade, however, the Diploma in Radiography is a course that stands out.

A Radiology course after 12th in North Delhi is a lucrative course for aspirants looking for high-salary courses that command respect and status.

Pursuing a career in this field subsequently opens you up to work in various arenas, such as occupational healthcare facilities, radiotherapy research organizations, private care facilities, etc.

Eligibility and Admission

If you are from the science stream, you are required to pass the 10+2 examination or any comparative assessment with 50% marks from a recognized board to pursue a radiology course after 12th in North Delhi. The cutoff for commerce students is 60%.

The process for admission to pursue Diploma in Radiography courses may be varied for various institutes. You get to pursue a radiology course after 12th in Delhi University, after undertaking a counselling session sponsored by the college you are interested in.

You may have to appear in entrance examinations and personal interviews for admission to private institutes,  administered by the radiology training institute in Delhi. Some universities/colleges conduct entrance examinations and others select applicants based on their 10+2 exam results.

The Learning Curve

The duration of the course lies between 1-2 years. During the radiology course after 12th in North Delhi, the students acquire knowledge about the concepts and various methods of radiography. It also covers the ultrasound imaging approach and the imaging methods used in radiography.

After the course, students of SV5 Health Care are subsequently qualified to create high-quality/human images, using the best technology. They are capable of operating essential X-Ray devices to produce images of the patient’s internal organs.  They also learn how to conduct a Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan), fluoroscopy, and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). You learn to produce images using testing equipment and advanced medical devices.

To sum up, there is a substantial shortage of Radiology technicians in India. The Diploma in Radiology course offered by SV5 Healthcare qualifies the students as professionals. You get to learn rules and regulations and follow them around radiographic equipment. This diploma would unwrap a sea of career opportunities for you. It would enable you to work at occupational healthcare facilities, radiotherapy research organizations, private care facilities, etc.

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